Juno Roome – “Gardens”

It’s been far too long since we’ve featured Juno Roome – so long, in fact, that the last time we wrote about his music, he went by a different name. Thankfully, however, that’s the only detail that’s been altered, for his music still emits the very same aura that I’ve thrown enamored words at so many times before – I’m always pleased, though, on how it ends up eluding description each time. Ultimately, there’s an incredibly potent mystery and elusiveness to his compositions, to the point where they take command of any space in which they’re played; think the musical equivalent of a hypnotist’s pendant, a kaleidoscopic light show in a dark room. “Textile Workers,” the stunningly poetic, atmospheric opener off his 2019 EP ada belle, still might be one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written about due to this fact. 

Today, Roome shares his beautiful new single “Gardens,” a track that at first listen sounds like a simple, saccharine love song, but upon introspection, reveals itself to be made up of thoughtful, complex layers. He shared the inspiration behind the track with us earlier this week:

I can be immensely depressive, especially in the colder days. I’ve written some heavier songs this year, as well as some lighter ones; and this fun little tune was just a nice break from it all — about missing a loved one who’s gone out of town, in the space between Christmas and New Year’s — which I suppose, is still kind of depressive haha. I was left alone and inside. This is that song: the “I’m alone and inside” song. But if it makes somebody somewhere feel at least a little better, then it’ll have been worth it.

I’ve always considered Roome’s vocals to be at the forefront of all his compositions, and this is no exception – at once hazy and crystal clear, it floats above the soft guitar melody, relaying a narrative sweet, nostalgic, and without cliche. Though mostly about being in the throes of deep introspection and separation regarding a relationship, he still bolsters loyalty and adoration, repeating “I’ll be here” throughout like an ingrained, perpetual mantra for both himself and his loved one. 

Along with the track comes a charming music video, which Roome also explained:

I locked Madison and Cristyna together in an airbnb-rented house in northern New Jersey and fed them meat-less meatball pasta and several german beers, and this is what came to life. (I know it looks summery and warm, but this was on the last week of January, in sub-freezing temperatures; Madison is just amazing at acting.)

“Gardens” is out now. 


photo by Ann Feletto

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