if you are a musician or band that would like your music to be considered for review, please send a link to your music (no attached files, please!) as well as a brief bio to we get so many submissions that we unfortunately can’t respond to them all, but if your music fits the general tone of the site, please know that I will definitely be in touch.

additionally, if email isn’t your thing, you can also send in your music via submithub! we’re on there every single day.

furthermore, if you have a question, comment, or concern about anything else regarding this blog, please send it to the email provided above as well. again, we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.


we also have a ko-fi page if you’d like to help us out with a donation!

instagram: kidwithavinyl

twitter: kidwithavinyl

One thought on “contact

  1. hi. cool blog. I am opening one as well. How do you manage to add the copyright thing to your front page? I cant seem to find a way

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