Fleet Foxes – “Montezuma” (Song of the Week 2/11/2014)

Every Tuesday and Thursday, the Fox and the Sound will have a song that showcases what is right with music today.

Helplessness-Blues-Fleet-Foxes2School was cancelled today, thank the heavens. So, I’m just sitting in my room listening to music and watching band interviews on YouTube (A.K.A bliss). For today’s Song of the Week, I have chosen “Montezuma” by Fleet Foxes. I’ll probably have to do a “Band Appreciation Friday” on Fleet Foxes soon, because they are one of my favorite indie folk bands. Montezuma is possibly my favorite Fleet Foxes song, although it’s a close call between “Your Protector” and “Blue Ridge Mountains.” What really stands out in this song is the lyrics. The very first line is genius and holds a special place in my heart as being one of the most well written lines ever. The song opens with a mesmerizing guitar melody, then main singer Robin Pecknold sings (“So now I am older/ than my mother and father/ when they had their daughter/ so what does that say about me?”). This line is so meaningful. He is saying that now he’s reached an age where he should have settled down and had a child himself, he realizes that he’s no longer a child, and, more importantly, that he’s still alone. It explains that at this point, he doesn’t know where he is going or what he is doing with his life and starts to do some serious introspection (“oh man what I used to be/ oh man oh my oh me”). His voice is simply perfect, and his lyrics are pure poetry. They really spoke to me and continues to. It’s definitely one of my better songs to play on the guitar, and to sing it really takes stress away. Fleet Foxes are amazing, and I will talk more about them and why they are so incredible in perhaps a week or two. “Montezuma” is from Fleet Foxes’ third album, Helplessness Blues.



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