Rhye – “Please” / “Summer Days”

Rhye have returned with two brand new tracks, four years after the duo’s beautiful and gorgeously sensual debut album Woman. “Please” and “Summer Days,” while both unmistakably belonging to the signature Rhye style of deep rooted basslines and Mike Milosh’s breathy, androgynous vocals, they vary in tone, the former an emotional ballad and the latter a lighter, yet more complex track  with undertones of psych, jazz, and pop. Though “Summer Days” is the first to sound almost completely uninhibited and carefree in Rhye’s stunning repertoire, you can tell there’s an aura of mystery about them, one that you makes you almost wish you will never fully understand – being within the folds of it remains far too addicting. 

Listen to “Please” below. “Summer Days” is now on Spotify and Apple Music.


photo by Dan Monick

Rhye – “The Fall”


homepage_large.f71966d8Rhye is the musical collaboration of musicians and singers Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal. Their music is soft, sensual, and incredibly moving. There’s a smooth, almost delicate composition to singer Mike Milosh’s voice, one that many have described to be almost feminine. However, I don’t hear that similarity all too much. In fact, I associate it with the type of masculine falsetto that has dominated in indie music for some time. There’s just this almost untouchable quality to Rhye’s music, one that separates it from the harshness of reality. “The Fall” really sums up their unique sound for the most part, and is really quite powerful. Mike Milosh’s voice is refined, subtle, and soft, but also quite passionate, and you’re able to create your own meaning. That’s really what Milosh and Hannibal wanted to do in the long run. “The Fall” is from Rhye’s debut album Woman, which was released last year.