King Krule – “Czech One”

King Krule, also known as Archy Marshall, has always had an intimidating demeanor that can steer people away the first time they see him – perhaps it’s the thick English accent or the audible sneer in his voice even when he’s singing about longing love, or perhaps from his intricate compositions that shouldn’t be able to exist hand in hand with his lyrics. Regardless, his unique style has been expressed in two very different releases: his brilliant, guitar-driven debut 6 Feet Beneath the Moon and the distant sounding, electronica laced A New Place 2 Drown (released under his real name). “Czech One,” the newest from Marshall, sounds like an amalgamation of the two, taking the crisp, moody vocals and marrying them with brooding drums and smoky, seductive saxaphone. He sings through the haze of James Blake esque choral interludes that “Loverboy, you drowned too quick/ you’re fading out of sight,” proving further that there’s a soft center beneath his sharp exterior, and that pain still gets through.


photo by Geordie Wood

Mount Kimbie – “Blue Train Lines” (ft. King Krule)

Electronic duo Mount Kimbie have announced the release of their new album Love What Survives, the follow up to 2013’s Cold Spring Fault Less Youth. The London duo, made up of Dominic Maker and Kai Campos, have already released two tracks from the album – “Marilyn” ft. Micachu, and the chilling, experimental “We Go Home Together” ft. James Blake. Keeping the stellar collaborations going, the newest tease from the album, “Blue Train Lines,” features King Krule, effortlessly blending his signature sharp, piercing delivery with eerie bouts of guitar. The first half of the track, tortured and distressed, has Krule’s agonizing screams peppered in with the shadows of synth and drums, later blossoming into a powerful, moody guitar beat for the last two minutes.

Love What Survives will be released on September 8th.


photo by Frank Lebon