Basenji – “Don’t Let Go” (ft. Mereki)

Basenji, also known as Sydney producer Sebastian Muecke, is finally back with a brand new single – his first since 2015’s Trackpad, his stunning debut EPand as well as following last year’s ambient stand alone single “Chroma.” Basenji’s unique aesthetic is one that can easily be picked out of a barrel of other electronic sounds; his tracks are tonally bright, stylistically clean, and flawlessly house a multitude of techniques and inspirations without sounding heavy in production, and his newest is no exception. “Don’t Let Go” is just a touch softer than his past work, partly due to the jaunty, bouncy synth beats as well as the saccharine sweet vocals of Aussie artist Mereki – the gauzy vocal effects lurking in the background swell and deflate, resulting in the feelings of innocence and peaceful naivety. There’s a fantastical feeling to the track over all, almost s if you were sitting cross-legged in the forest, with water sprites and tree nymphs catering to your every whim. Here’s hoping this leads to a larger release from the producer; it’s clear he has multiple soundscapes under his belt just as expansive as this one.


photo by Jordan Drysdale Photography

TENDER – “Nadir”

With their addictive new single, London electro-pop duo TENDER have officially initiated my quest to find every half-pure pop, half-brooding track for the upcoming summer months. “Nadir,” the newest addition to their already impressive repertoire, begins with synth resembling plucks of sharp metal, then explodes into a multi-textured soundscape, the vocals provided by James Cullen soaked in reverb. Though it explores the emotions felt during a separation, the melancholy adds to the vibrancy, finding immense power in sadness.


photo courtesy of artist

Von Sell – “Names”

Brooklyn based artist David Von Sell has been our favorite electro-pop musician since he released the bright, technically complex track “Ivan” last year, and the admiration just keeps growing. This year, he has added to his impressive repertoire with the smooth, emotional “I Insist” and the shuddering, passionate “Stay,” showing off the different angles of his unique aesthetic, tending to seamlessly blend the boisterously synthetic with a pure, beating heart. “Names,” Von Sell’s newest track, contains the same complex, pounding synth beats and quivering vocal samples that have now become his trademark – however, it somehow sounds more euphoric and enraptured than the trio before it, especially when the synth drops out to make room for the arresting piano melody that rests underneath the chorus. It’s the most blatantly human Von Sell has been thus far, and it’s absolutely stunning.

Von Sell’s debut self-titled EP is out this Friday, October 14th.


photo via impose magazine