Cosmo’s Midnight – “Polarised”

After teasing us with addictive, colorful tracks over the years, we’re beyond ecstatic to hear that Cosmo’s Midnight is finally releasing their debut album this summer, titled What Comes Next. Though they have expressed their unique sound partly through their stunning collaborations – and the upcoming album contains several – “Polarised,” the newest tease from the album, has Patrick Liney showing off his voice for the first time, a hazy, lucid croon that falls right in line with the fluid nature of the instrumentals. This stream-of-consciousness feeling the track brings is directly related to its origin as well:

”Polarised is the first time I’ve ever sung on a track. We were just riffing on keys and bass and I had a melody running through my head – instead of running it through a synth or something I plugged in my shitty mic and sang the first thing that came to mind. Everything just clicked from there and we went back and finessed it till it was done. I think this song really does capture the feeling of when we wrote it.”

The chunky, chime-like effects and bouncy bass, slightly reminiscent of Anything In Return era Toro y Moi, swirl together as the track plays on, pulsating and reverberating within itself.

What Comes Next will be released on June 15th.


photo courtesy of artist

Cosmo’s Midnight – “Mind Off” (ft. Kudu Blue)

Cosmo’s Midnight – also known as twin electronic duo Patrick and Cosmo Liney – are finally back with a brand new single, their second of the year following their stunning, synth heavy release “History.” The duo goes a little more old-school with the dance beat of “Mind Off,” featuring sultry vocals from Kudu Blue’s Clementine Douglas. Co-written and produced by Alunageorge’s George Reid, the track sounds even more thoughtfully composed and balanced, the various layers of synth coming in waves of chilled-out energy. Seemingly no talk of a debut album quite yet, but given the boys’ packed year, it just might come out of nowhere – we’ll be ready.


photo by Alex Johnstone

Cosmo’s Midnight – “History”

The last we heard from Cosmo’s Midnight – also known as twin brother producers Cosmo and Patrick Liney – was their Moments EP, which included the smooth, hypnotizing track “Snare (ft. Wild Eyed Boy)” and the bouncy “Walk With Me (ft. KUČKA), which flawlessly intertwined complex beats with energetic, smooth vocals. Now, the Sydney based duo is back with an absolutely stunning new track to add to their already impressive repertoire. “History” is a gorgeous r&b/pop gem, with bright, punchy, phaser-like synth and an absolutely killer vocal track. We’re hoping this will lead to a full-length album from the twins in the future – we can’t seem to get enough of their addictive persona.


photo via astral people

Cosmo’s Midnight – “Snare” (feat. Wild Eyed Boy)


Cosmo’s Midnight is composed of twin producers Cosmo and Patrick Liney. Their simple, smooth electronic music is reminiscent of fellow twin producers Guy and Howard Lawrence from Disclosure, not only because of the obvious sibling rivalry but also the nature of the beats that they effortlessly produce in their track “Snare.” It swells and palpitates throughout the vocals and seems to layer and grow in intensity as the song progresses. The inclusion of details like metallic drips and lucid reverb also help make this song deep and introspective, despite the simple lyrics.


photo courtesy of scenewave