quickly, quickly – “Feel”

Portland based artist Graham Jonson – who makes music as quickly, quickly – recently released the bubbly, euphoric “Feel,” his first single since signing with Ghostly International. Equal parts psych pop and math rock, Jonson meticulously builds the melody piece by piece, his vocals echoing and dancing in time with gorgeous piano and guitar reminiscent of golden sunshine. The subject of the track identifies “with a character in a film who’s stuck in a rut,” the track eventually ending with the persona watching their life suspended before them in a synthetic, surreal landscape. “I just wanna feel,” Jonson admits (“it’s my one request”), and thus the experience, though perhaps initially jarring (“maybe I’m dying, maybe I’m breaking/ stuck in place, standing here shaking), results in something like joyous transcendence (“what is this color that I’m seeing / what is this feeling that I’m feeling?). He hypothesizes “could it be love, could it be healing?” and eventually, as we reach the end of the track and, most likely, the start of its perpetual ouroboric loop, we’re hoping with all our might that it’s exactly this – that it’s something we, too, can emulate. 

“Feel” is out now.


photo courtesy of artist

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