Perlee – “Charlie’s Song”

Deep within the hazy, amber-tinged melodies of “Charlie’s Song,” somewhere among the infatuation and perpetual yearning, also exists an aura of slow blossoming resilience. Perhaps this resilience came easy along with Saramai Leech and Cormac O’ Keeffe’s transition from Ireland to Berlin over the winter before working on the majority of Slow Creature, their stunning debut EP as Perlee – the emotions of leaving one’s home for somewhere unfamiliar no doubt gave rise to the substantial heaviness felt within these songs. Slow Creature is filled with tracks that “dig deep into the reality of our ever-present emotional lives,” and Perlee insists that lost love is a main part of this reality; something painful, but something that will eventually give rise to self-containment. “Charlie’s Song” is one such portrayal – visually, the guitar and layered vocals evoke delicate dust particles caught in the crossfire of light piercing through a smudged window, floating and swirling with an almost enviable nonchalance as the narrative takes us over sunsets and oceans, through valleys and breezes. 

O’Keeffe’s flinty, beautifully strained vocals throughout the verses soon melt into Leech’s within the chorus, their voices matching the delicacy of those aforementioned dust particles as they swirl and dance – they tell the listener of a painful longing that transcends time and space, explaining “you’re in my mind/ at the break of day/ in the dead of night/ you’re in my mind/ when I’m out in front/ when I fall behind.” There’s a simplicity to these lines that is blissfully sincere, a deliberate promise of love and adoration even when there’s miles of earth separating you from the one you want. 

Slow Creature is out now. 



photo courtesy of artist

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