Ginger Root – “Having Fun”

Ginger Root has truly been one of our favorite musical discoveries of the year, which is mainly due to the way Cameron Lew manages to seamlessly blend together the sounds of ’60’s and ’70’s soul with modern day flourishes, as well as poetic, yet empathetic narratives and feelings. Judging from his first three singles – including the soft, delicate stunner “Jeanie” – his upcoming sophomore LP Mahjong Room should follow suit in expressing something both nostalgic and immediate, and “Having Fun,” the latest tease, only furthers that sentiment. The heavy piano and percussion sway in a perpetual waltz all while Lew’s voice switches from an almost whisper to a jagged croon at the flick of a wrist, both growing in power as the track plays on. His narrative touches on nearly everything from determination to hesitation, at first secure in his thoughts but later asking “Haven’t I shared too much of one thing?/ Haven’t I paired us with the wrong thing?” Ultimately, it ends as it began – sparse yet glimmering, minimal yet with a heavier sense of emotion that lingers unanswered. He’s through with making himself vulnerable, but also shies away from the chance to reconcile – he lives with “no worries, no laughs.”

Mahjong Room will be released on June 29th.


photo courtesy of artist

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