Porches – “Find Me”

Last week, Porches, also known as the synth-pop project of artist Aaron Maine, announced the release of his third full-length album, The House. The news came with a brand new track, following the album’s debut single “Country” as well as its accompanying cinematic video released earlier this month. “Find Me” has Maine forgoing instrumentals and instead using synth exclusively, stacking the varying layers on top of each other seamlessly and thoughtfully to create a stable, unwavering foundation for a minimal, yet highly emotional narrative that touches on the painful nature of anxiety and the urges to escape. Maine, through a jungle of tense, earth-shattering synth, desperately begs a faceless, nameless being not to let “it” find him, simultaneously allowing the listener to fill in the blank with whatever is currently poisoning their subconscious, but, whatever it is, it must be something that takes a large amount of emotional strength to avoid, something large and unmistakably physical. Despite his attempts to resist, “it” eventually finds him just before the chorus, and with it comes a powerful wave of bouncy, glitchy synth that washes over as Maine succumbs to the influx of thoughts and emotions. Yet his voice towers over the surge in acceptance, and he explains that he’ll go “somewhere else, where I can sink into myself,” and asks those around to watch him go, to watch him try and escape from himself, to attempt to find peace through internal chaos.

The track comes with an equally gorgeous cinematic clip, showing Maine restlessly readying himself in various ways – shaving, fixing his hair, working out – seemingly all for that moment where he escapes to various places, the pool, the woods, an overpass, an empty field, the last image the most gorgeously expressive of his narrative. The video ends with that same image of Maine as the speck of red in a vast field of green, the high-pitched, animated tone of the words “watch me go” lingering for a moment as the last drops of synth dissipate into the air.

The House will be released on January 19th via Domino.


photo by Jason Nocito

One thought on “Porches – “Find Me”

  1. Heard him interviewed, and he said the song was about his anxiety that used to be more frequent, but now it looms up unexpected and randomly.
    After watching the video, it makes perfect sense!

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