Cut Worms – “Song of the Highest Tower”

Cut Worms is the musical project of Chicago-turned-New York artist Max Clarke. His sound both pays homage and reimagines classic genres like the soft, charming Americana and soothing blues of the 50’s and 60’s, his persona existing as a nomadic traveler lost in time. “Song of the Highest Tower,” the soft, folk inspired follow-up to Clarke’s previously released stunner “Like Going Down Sideways,” is the newest teaser for Alien Sunset, his upcoming collection of home-recorded demos. The track sways and swells for nearly seven gorgeous minutes, Clarke’s soft, vast vocals echoing and reverberating freely as if in an empty, cavernous valley, the constant, unyielding vintage instrumentals keeping everything tied to a post. There’s a potent sense of romanticism and heavy-heartedness embedded throughout Cut Worms’ particular narrative, and we can only hope it will be emphasized in the upcoming EP.

Alien Sunset will be released 10/20 via Jagjaguwar.


photo courtesy of artist

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