Alt-J – “In Cold Blood”

Earlier this month, Alt-J announced the release of their third album Relaxer, and shared the glitchy, industrial inspired first single “3WW.” The newest from the upcoming full-length is just as electrifying as the first – in fact, it sounds like the perfect marriage between their first two albums, intertwining the lyrical obscurity and melodic unpredictability of debut An Awesome Wave with the erotic, sensual nature of sophomore This Is All Yours. It bursts forward with intense immediacy and frontman Joe Newman yelling binary, going on and on about summer and pools, and constantly asking for a kiss. The instrumentals are complex and the timing is almost perfectly askew, with horns and synth somehow in perfect harmony. The best part, however, is that the signature Alt-J “la-la-la’s” are back, with even more power than ever.

Relaxer will now be released on June 2nd, a week earlier than previously stated.


photo courtesy of artist/ press

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