Perfume Genius – “Slip Away”

Mike Hadreas’s career as Perfume Genius has always been one driven by emotion, as well as a a gentle, cogent piano melody. His heartbreaking narratives always came through with potent immediacy, whether it was sparse, minimal, and dark like in his debut Learning, more matured like Put Your Back N 2 It, or more experimental and passionate like in 2014’s Too Bright. Needless to say, there’s immense power in being soft and somber, two concepts that Hadreas has mastered throughout the years in his attempts to both constantly and brilliantly oppose a grossly ignorant society denying him the right to exist because of all the concepts he represents – homosexuality, androgyny, male vulnerability – as well as embrace his own humanity at the same time. In “Slip Away,” Hadreas’s first release from his upcoming fourth album, he’s added a new sensation to his highly successful emotional algorithm – magnificence. The track’s inspiration, made more evident with the gorgeous video directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, has to do with the concept of love over hate as well as the intimacy of close friendship, all expressed through a menagerie of baroque and modern instrumentals. Hadreas, hand in hand with a female friend, dances, eats handfuls of peaches, and runs from Trump-like creatures, immersed in a Victorian inspired fantastical world matching the track in both grandeur and hazy iridescence. It’s a beautiful, unique take on love’s ability to conquer every opposing force, and Perfume Genius has made it clear that it doesn’t matter if that love is romantic or platonic – both can empower you in countless ways. 

No Shape will be released on May 5th.


photo courtesy of artist / Matador records

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