Mac DeMarco – “This Old Dog”

The fact that Mac DeMarco released not one, but two tracks supposedly out of nowhere yesterday was incredible for me considering I’ve been on a huge binge lately; I finally received the vinyl of 2 that I ordered weeks ago, as well as the fact that I’ve had “Treat Her Better” as well as the rest of Salad Days on repeat for the past month. There’s something about DeMarco’s delightfully lethargic croon and the simultaneous honesty, sensitivity, and humor in his lyrics that just seems right at the moment, and thankfully the news of his upcoming album This Old Dog means that there will soon be more of him to love. The title track, released along with companion “My Old Man,” has the artist even softer and more straightforward, with a quiet, uncomplicated melody that creates ample room for the fluttering waves of guitar in the chorus, acting like an excitable, pulsating heartbeat. Of course, the goofy, easily likable persona is still there, but judging by the calm beauty of Another One as well as these two new tracks, there’s a calmer, more introspective part of him that still deserves further exploration.

This Old Dog will be released on May 5th.


photo by Coley Brown

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