Tim Darcy – “Tall Glass Of Water”

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we are massive fans of the Montreal art-punk quartet Ought, fronted by singer/songwriter Tim Darcy. Their songs that appear throughout their debut More Than Any Other Day and their sophomore Sun Coming Down convey tension and unrest in true punk fashion, although with a more refined, intellectual nature that shows through in the lyrics, commenting on everything from borderline existentialism to the mundane nature of everyday life. Darcy’s anxious, yelping, mile-a-minute vocals provide the main character for the music, and Ought definitely wouldn’t be the same without them. Recently, Darcy announced that he will release a solo album next year, and, perhaps sensing the inevitable unrest, also released the first single along with the news to quell the burning anticipation. “Tall Glass Of Water,” while having punk tendencies, leans more towards indie rock in it’s heavy, balanced guitar melodies, but Darcy’s signature croon still hovers above, with his lyrics both asking and answering questions about his own abilities to muster on and understand himself as an artist (“If at the end of the river, there is more river, would you dare to swim again?” Surely I will stay, and I am not afraid / I went under once, I’ll go under once again”). These sorts of musings come complimentary with the singer/songwriter, it seems, regardless of what name or group he releases them under. However, rather than only bathe them in tension and angst, there’s also a sense of peace in his conveying himself, which makes the track all the more satisfying.

Darcy’s debut album Saturday Night will be released February 17th.


photo courtesy of artist

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