Monster Rally – “Island Romance”

Monster Rally is the project of Ted Feighan, who specializes in the dazzling amalgamation of hip-hop and tropicalia. He puts together each of his stunning tracks from sampling his collection of records chosen exclusively for their exotic, otherworldly cover images, always hoping to convey some sort of story or narrative within his work. The result is both mesmerizing and delightfully mysterious in nature, and sounds as if it belongs on the overhead speakers of a ’60’s tiki-bar revamped into a swanky, smoke-filled night club, with a martini in your hand and a lucid mind. Feighan’s fourth album Mystery Cove is the first to tell a cohesive story from beginning to end – a soundtrack to an imaginary film about two lovers on a getaway to an island that isn’t quite what it seems – and the cinematic nature shines through impeccably. Out of all the equally whimsical and haunting tracks, “Island Romance” remains one of the most idyllic, with floating instrumentals, shimmering chimes, and even the charming effects of screeching birds and record static, with a solid foundation of drums holding everything in place. After the soft, nostalgic introduction from “The Birds Pt. 4,” it’s the first in the twenty track lineup to show its more eerie, mysterious side, and the way it completely changes the mood of the album afterwards is absolutely brilliant. Feighan also creates all the accompanying art, which, given their colorful, collage-esque nature, goes perfectly with his lush musical menageries.


photo by Casey Catelli

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