The Lemon Twigs – “I Wanna Prove To You”

Baroque rockers The Lemon Twigs are slowly getting ready to release their much-anticipated debut album Do Hollywood this Friday, after months of obsessing over the stunning teasers “As Long As We’re Together” and “These Words,” where the duo, made up of brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario, show their love of 60’s sounds as well as their intense skill in bringing it all to the modern day. Their newest track off the album, “I Wanna Prove To You,” takes the retro inspiration a step further, complete with a sugary, doo-wop rhythm and crooning vocals. Although the chorus might have been sarcastic at first (according to the duo’s interview with Zane Lowe, who premiered the studio version of the track) it does end up sounding sincere and profound, and swells with love and emotion just like those crooners back in the day. The Lemon Twigs have been consistently impressive with these three releases, and there’s plenty of evidence to infer that the debut album will be no different. You can hear the studio version here, as well as watch the stunning live version down below.


photo by Autumn De Wilde

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