PWR BTTM – “Projection”

Queer punk duo PWR BTTM – still fresh from last year’s release of the deliciously fun and emotional debut album Ugly Cherries – have returned with a brand new single. The duo, composed of multi-instrumentalists Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce, mash together glam rock and diy punk, all while gloriously slathered in glitter, makeup, and a tangible, refreshing indifference to the concerns and opinions of others. While most of the tracks that appear on Ugly Cherries mask the duo’s frustration with misunderstanding through killer guitar riffs and vivacious vocals, “Projection” retreats to a somewhat softer side at times, perhaps to highlight the track’s theme of the excruciating desire to fit in with society. However, the song returns to that magnificent guitar riff as if it were – as Hopkins states – “a shiny, glorious middle finger to those who doubt you.” PWR BTTM was unfortunately one of those great bands that flew over my head the first time around, but I’m ecstatic to say I am more aware of their simultaneously ornate aesthetic, remarkably talented musical abilities, and what ultimately makes them a band that will truly flourish, if it hasn’t happened already.


photo by Andrew Piccone

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