Turnip King – “Carsong”

Psych-rock quartet Turnip King will release their debut album Laika at the end of this summer, which seems appropriate given their wistful, nostalgic sound. The newest single “Carsong” captures the half-happy, half-sad feelings of – in the words of lead singer Lucia Arias – what it feels like to “spend time with someone you adore in the silence, freedom, comfort and privacy of a car” but also knowing it has to end at some point when you all go your separate ways. The track itself is full of gorgeous, noisy reverb and distortion, but all that heaviness is then cut by the soft, bright tones of Arias’s vocals. Laika will be released August 19th.


photo courtesy of artist

One thought on “Turnip King – “Carsong”

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