Prism Tats – “Never Been Shy”

Prism Tats, also known as South African musician Garrett van der Spek, is one of Anti-‘s newest signees, and considering his impressive self-titled debut, it’s clear to see where the appeal initially came from. Van der Spek’s aesthetic throughout the album seems to combine the best parts of garage punk and alternative pop into one sleek, consistent package, which, despite its jagged demeanor, still manages to show true emotion flawlessly. Among the album’s numerous irresistible tracks, including the quirky “Creep Out// Freak Out” as well as the softer “Know It All,” “Never Been Shy” seems to broadcast Van der Spek’s multi-faceted skill set the most, mixing together sharp, rampaging instrumentals with wonderfully distorted vocals. Prism Tats’ debut is out now, so make sure you check out the rest of the tracks – there’s something for every taste.


photo by Cara Robbins

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