Parquet Courts – “Human Performance”

Wow. It seems that today we’ve covered just about everything – electronica, dream pop, folk – and now we’re wrapping things up with the newest track from garage-punk outfit Parquet Courts, following the previously released tracks “Dust,” “Berlin Got Blurry,” and “Outside.” “Human Performance,” from the upcoming album of the same name, follows the same sort of rubric that all their songs seem to have, namely, the almost tangible feeling of isolation and emotional disconnect that one can have with the outside world as well as the unrelenting forces that seem to inhabit it. It’s one of the more simplistic and approachable tracks Parquet Courts have released, and also one of the most somber, as Andrew Savage mentions that ultimately, it is about the disconnect between faith and loss as well as “living in the company of one’s own shame.” While the track does possess a newer vibe, it does’t lose its authenticity. In fact, this makes it more personal, and as Savage’s previous barks and yelps grow more melodic, the more of the track’s unique aura comes through.

Human Performance will be released April 8th.


photo by Ben Rayner

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