Black Honey – “Mothership”

Black Honey have become one of my favorite new discoveries of the year so far, which mainly has to do with their unique blend of dark, grimy grunge and, ironically – considering they hail from the UK – warm, classic americana. They are definitely not new to the scene, and have a number of singles already out, including the angst-filled track “Teenager” to the mercurial, Nancy Sinatra-esque “Spinning Wheel” (which has to be their best track so far). All their tracks, however, tend to offer something different and caters to a specific taste or emotion, and their newest single “Mothership” is no exception. Frontwoman Izzy B. Phillips has an amazingly unique voice, and throughout the track, it somehow remains soft and jagged at the same time. It’s crude and passionate, and the way the instrumentals all build up to that grandiose chorus is absolutely mesmerizing. The quartet is set to release an EP this year, so definitely keep them in your sights – it’s sure to be brilliant.


photo by Emma Swann

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