Wild Nothing – “Reichpop”

Wild Nothing’s newest album Life of Pause has been gaining more anticipation for it’s February 19th  release ever since tracks “To Know You” and “TV Queen” were shared about a month ago, and now, Jack Tatum has released another brand new track – this time, the bubbly, yet meticulous track “Reichpop.” Tatum has mentioned that his last full-length release Nocturne, while evocative of soft tones and hazy mirages, just felt a little too mechanical, which was necessary for the time in which he was recording. “Reichpop” is the first instance in which his desires to become more organic and humanistic comes through, with a colorful, melodic buildup to the meaty body of the track. Tatum’s breathy vocals are fresh and bright-eyed, almost making the track shimmer in response.


photo by Shawn Brackbill

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