Hinds – “Garden”


Hinds was one of those bands that took a while for me to fully appreciate. I’ve been constantly intrigued by them ever since they went by the name Deers, and I would listen to their singles numerous times liking what I heard, but struggling in trying to get a specific, solid opinion. Now, with the release of their debut album set for sometime in 2016, I’m even more excited to really tap into what makes them so impressive. “Garden” is definitely their best single, and really represents their unique take on the classic garage rock genre – crunchy, dissonant guitars, ambivalent vocals, and that delightful lo-fi sound – but still remains delicate and nostalgic, albeit in a raw format. As for my intrigue with them, I think that’s here to stay, but with these songs, I’ll definitely enjoy getting to a place of epiphany.


photo courtesy of Salva Lopez

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