Majical Cloudz – “Silver Car Crash”


Majical Cloudz have announced a follow up to their absolutely brilliant debut album Impersonator, and have also released a brief taste of what it has to offer with a new track. “Silver Car Crash” continues the minimal sounds of the debut album, but showcases and explores a more romantic side of the band while also filtering in a bit of nostalgia. While the instrumentation is sparse and metallic at times, the vocals are swapped out with a bright, hopeful sound rather than Devon Welsh’s (whose previously signature bald head has been replaced by a lush, dark head of hair) harsh, yet gorgeous yelp found in Impersonator. The vocals were always the more important part of all the songs that Majical Cloudz have released, and with this track, it only solidifies the intense skill the Montral duo have accumulated over the years. Are You Alone? will be released on October 16th.


photo courtesy of pitchfork

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