Fyfe – “Holding On”

Fyfe, musician, for NBOTD

I’ve really been missing the sounds of chillwave and electronic music lately, which is ironic considering that exact genre is basically all I listen to during the cold winter months. There’s just something about synth and hard, dark beats that envelops you and creates a lovely warmth, and it’s unlike any other feeling. That being said, I’ve found a new artist to add to my never-ending playlist: Fyfe. Composed of musician and vocalist Paul Dixon, Fyfe became his main project after his old persona, David’s Lyre (whom I have written about in the past). “Holding On” mixes together hard, metallic beats and soft spoken vocals that are both heartbreaking as they are beautiful, and the way they are sung keeps you chained until the shattering closing. I’ve noticed that it sounds similar to Dixon’s old tracks, but with a new, more vulnerable edge. Still, it’s wonderfully simple, which is what makes it that much more impressive.





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