Cage The Elephant – “Cigarette Daydreams”

Cage The Elephant FB

Cage The Elephant’s new album Melophobia is chock full of amazing tracks. Of course, there’s their single “Come A Little Closer,” which is both aggressive as it is sensitive, and “Spiderhead,” which is as intense and crazy as the title says it is. However, one track stands out among the rest on this album, and that is the stellar song “Cigarette Daydreams.” If there were ever a Cage The Elephant song that perfectly encapsulated the bitter, cold feelings of sadness and isolation, it’s this one. The swelling of orchestral instrumentals with Matt Shultz’s throaty, grainy voice work in the song’s favor, and thus mixes together elements of hard and soft. The music video is so well done, and even features Shultz’s wife (they got married quite recently). I believe it’s song about leaving behind your old self and starting new, and Cage The Elephant have done an amazing job in communicating the contrasting feelings that come along with that journey.



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