Joywave – “Somebody New”

joywave-how-do-you-feelJoywave is an indie electronic band from New York. Their eighties’ inspired sounds and beats have a modern twist with the use of incorporated acoustic instrumentals and synthesizers, but that carefree, new age mindset is still there. They have released a brand new EP after their eclectic, energetic second album 88888, and houses some very different sounds. There’s still this level of intensity and energy, but it seems as though it has a bit more finesse and less emphasis on the samplers and synthesizers that the last album had so much of and more like an amped up version of their 2012 album Koda Vista. “Somebody New” is fresh and clean, with a supersonic backing track and radiating guitar melodies. The vocals are impassioned, and the whole song seems to take on a more rock persona and less of the electro sounds, which might prove to be beneficial in the long run. “Somebody New” is from Joywave’s new EP How Do You Feel? which was released this year.





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