Tom Misch – “The Journey”

artworks-000076279361-7xu51i-t200x200As the summer slowly comes to a close, I always find that the mood changes suddenly. Everything is a little more sensitive and emotional, from how the weather changes to that horrible, inescapable feeling of your responsibilities creeping up on you – and you start to think a little deeper. The music I listen to changes a little as well, which is what brings me to this song. Tom Misch’s song “The Journey” is the epitome of the concept of relaxation. It elaborates on the feelings of being happy and carefree, but still pushes you to think about what exactly it is you’re hearing and take it to the next level. These mellow sounds that nineteen year old Misch produces are incredibly impressive considering that everything is done solo. He provides all the instrumentals, including the violin, and mixes them in a way that’s beautiful, as heard in “The Journey.” Needless to say, it’s inspiring, and the use of ambient, colorful sounds really embodies the feelings of summer. “The Journey” is from Tom Misch’s EP, which was released this year.





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