Alvvays – “Party Police”

alvvaysI’ve been intrigued by Alvvays for quite some time now. I kept seeing their debut album artwork on every music blog and site I visited, and it peaked my interest. I finally gave them a listen and I was pleasantly surprised about what I heard. The Canadian five-piece’s music sounds like a blast from the past – or almost like a happy marriage of sixties/seventies sounds with the post-punk genius of the eighties. Lead singer Molly Rankin has a voice that’s perfect for capturing this sort of ancient feeling – it’s bright yet restrained, happy yet dark, confident yet yearning – and it makes listening to Alvvays such a nostalgic experience. In their song “Party Police,” a song that I feel is one of the best off of their new album, is filled with skill and ability, both in lyrics as well as instrumentation. The guitar melody that is peppered throughout is reminiscent of simpler times, and it sounds gorgeous along with Rankin’s piercing voice telling you all about a romantic partner she wishes would just stay. I can tell right away that I will slowly get addicted to each and every song on this album, and I’m so excited to fully analyze their sound more as I discover it. “Party Police” is from Alvvays’ self titled debut album, which was released just a few days ago.




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