Grizzly Bear – “Sleeping Ute” (Song of the Week 7/3/2014)

GrizzlyBearShieldsEvery time I listen to Grizzly Bear, I am constantly impressed by how many different techniques, melodies, harmonies, and, most of all, feelings they can fit into one song. Their sound is definitely unique, with each of their four albums sounding completely independent from the others, and each song is so wonderfully strange. Strange in that beautiful way, of course. It’s easy to admire them because of the fact that the members of the band have this energy when playing with each other and always seem to maintain a strong sense of focus and power, which must not be easy when trying to portray the correct emotions. However, their closeness really shines through and they always succeed in giving off the perfect vibes. It also helps that front men Ed Droste and Daniel Rossen both have such delicate, gorgeous voices, and the fact that those voices alone could stop any listener in their tracks. Since Droste’s is the most associated with Grizzly Bear (based off of the extreme popularity of their song “Two Weeks”) not many people know how evocative and breathtaking Rossen’s voice actually is. His voice is so mesmerizing in their song “Sleeping Ute” which is also dominated with heavy guitar chords and melodies and aggressive drumming. That thick fog of instrumentals is beautifully downplayed and balanced out with the softness of Rossen’s voice and the poetic lyrics, and creates this untouchable ambiance throughout. The song is made even more enchanting with the inclusion of the interlude towards the end, where everything slows down and mimics a sort of peacefulness after reaching a point of discovery and self-awareness. “Sleeping Ute” combines so many feelings and emotions but never loses it’s fragile composition, and it’s a song I always find myself going back to on gloomy days. “Sleeping Ute” is from Grizzly Bear’s album Shields, which was released in 2012.

P.S. Sorry this Song of the Week post (and some of my other posts) are late. I was so busy this week, and now I have to play catch up. However, I love a good challenge.





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