Bleachers – “Like A River Runs”

strange-desireBleachers is the side project of Jack Antonoff, also known as the guitarist from the pop band Fun. This band, however, doesn’t sound anything like something that would come out of a Fun album, and that’s because it’s definitely gone the more indie route. There’s more complexity and vulnerability in Bleachers, and it lets the audience hear a different side of pop music. Their music attempts to appeal more to the kind that isn’t afraid to be unapologetic and adventurous. “Like A River Runs” sounds like the feel-good summer anthem of the year, thanks to it’s energetic beats and shimmering instrumentals. Bleachers, in my opinion, takes a page out of Passion Pit’s book and creates music that sounds optimistic and exuberant, but hides the feelings of desperation and rejection. However, Bleachers sounds more like the child of St. Lucia and Grouplove, making them definitely accessible, and they sure do know how to create stunning, festive tracks. “Like A River Runs” is from Bleachers’ upcoming album Strange Desire, which will be released on July 15th.





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