Alt-J – “Hunger of the Pine”

cover_largeSince the departure of their bassist Gwil Sainsbury, the members of Alt-J admitted that it was difficult to return to their songwriting and brainstorming at first. However, the remaining three members of the band breathed a sigh of relief with the completion of this brand new song, and it somehow reassured them that they would be just fine. I’d have to agree. Even though this song sounds quite different from the songs on their last album An Awesome Wave, it’s still classic Alt-J. There’s minimalist instrumentals where the synth is the star, incredibly meaningful lyrics, and, of course, Joe Newman’s gorgeously unique voice. It rises and falls in the most perfect places, and swells with every beat. The instrumentals, lyrics, and vocals all showcase the overall feeling of this song, and tries to elaborate on the physical pain of pining for someone. Overall, it sounds eerie, ominous, and mysterious, but also has the tone of bitter romance. Alt-J is proving with this song that they are just as strong as they were before, and it sounds magnificent. “Hunger of the Pine” is from Alt-J’s new album This Is All Yours, which will be released on September 22.




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