Wild Nothing – “Shadow”

Nocturne_(Wild_Nothing_album_-_cover_art)Wild Nothing is the recording name of singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Jack Tatum. His indie dream pop music is expansive, thoughtful, and expressive, and mixed with the brilliant lyrics that Tatum writes, makes Wild Nothing such an innovative, fresh sounding band. In his track “Shadow,” many different techniques are heard. There’s the crooning, powerful guitar interludes and the soft, colorful violin melodies sprinkled throughout gives a sense of sweet hopefulness and it’s simply breathtaking. Wild Nothing’s music is labeled as dream pop for a very good reason, seeing as though it’s fantastical, soothing beats and swooning vocals make it a must listen. I’ve been hearing his music every so often but never staying to hear it entirely, but I find I always keep coming back for more because of it. It’s the type of lovely indie pop that stays in your mind indefinitely, and I know I’ll be humming this track under my breath for the next week and a half. “Shadow” is from Wild Nothing’s second studio album Nocturne, which was released in 2012. He released an EP last year as well, which I also recommend.




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