The Antlers – “Hotel”

FamiliarsAlbumCoverThe Antlers are an indie rock band from Brooklyn. They are composed of Peter Silberman, Michael Lerner, and Darby Cicci, and their group dynamic makes their music a force to be reckoned with. There’s a nice composition of smooth drumming, meaningful lyrics and vocals, and overall it sounds gorgeously lazy. Peter Silberman’s voice is powerful both when it’s in it’s normal range as well as it’s falsetto form, which is heard all throughout their track “Hotel.” The song itself sounds like it would be on the soundtrack to a night gone astray, and that it would be played the morning after, when all the consequences of your choices are seen in the unforgiving light of the sun. Despite the hazy dreariness of it all, it’s still quite an amazing song. “Hotel” is from The Antlers’ fifth album Familiars, which is due for release later this month.





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