Trust – “Capitol”

homepage_large.685345bdTrust is a Canadian electro-synth pop band that formed in 2010 by Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski (who is also in the band Austra). However, directly after their first album TRST, Maya Postepski left the band to focus on Austra and other projects, leaving Alfons to front the band entirely. Their first album had a concentrated, eerie, incredibly dark sound to it, making it more introspective and introverted than other dark punk artists. Robert Alfons has a uniquely slimy and sulking voice, and it’s obvious monotone adds to the gloomy, depressed feeling that the duo no doubt wanted to cultivate. Tracks like “Shroom” and “Bulbform” had an uncomfortable, yet desirable sound to them, turning both into songs that put you in a stupor and are just too strange to stop listening. After Postepski left the band, Alfons released his first solo album. This album definitely showcased the feelings of isolation and alienation more than before, but also included some somewhat brighter, joyous sounds (at least, as much as a goth-pop band can actually do). “Capitol,” one of the singles from this album, houses sizzling, shimmering synth beats, buzzing drums, and Alfons’s voice escapes the monotone for a couple of minutes. It’s a good band to listen to when you need to embrace the dark side, and the new album really impressed me. “Capitol” is from Trust’s new album Joyland, which was released earlier this year.




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