Phosphorescent – “Song For Zula”

Muchacho_album_coverPhosphorescent is composed of singer/songwriter Matthew Houck and his band. I hear so many little tidbits of other artists when I hear his music, but it still remains it’s own work of art. I sometimes hear in his music the likes of Willie Nelson, U2, Fleet Foxes, and the list goes on. It’s definitely part of the whole indie folk genre, and everything from the hazy guitar to the translucent synth, to the gorgeously trembling vocals prove that it belongs there. Phosphorescent’s track “Song For Zula” is absolutely beautiful, and a medley of different emotions can be heard, including passionate sadness, desperation, and the constant yearning for something meaningful. It’s obviously a very personal and introspective song, and it creates an amazingly delicate ambiance. “Song For Zula” is from Phosphorescent’s sixth album Muchacho, which was released in 2013.




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