Parquet Courts – “Instant Disassembly”

WYR0514tubejktnoguidlinesParquet Courts are the slow ease into more intense punk rock music that I needed. Their music is intense, sprawling with classic punk rock guitar melodies, perfectly discordant vocals, and raw, unfiltered intstrumentals that everyone expects. However, Parquet Courts seem to break away from the norm a bit. Punk rock music is known to be less of a free-flowing idea and more resembling short bursts of anger and intensity, which is why it usually only appeals to select groups of people that can handle it. Parquet Courts, however, seem to take more time and put more effort into whatever it is they are creating, whether its the jumbled, rapid, and fervent song “Sunbathing Animal,” or the more softer, sleepy track “Instant Disassembly.” The repeating guitar melody throughout the song really tones down the intensity, and it’s a glance into the band’s somewhat brighter side. “Instant Disassembly” is from Parquet Courts’ new album Sunbathing Animal, which will be released on June 3rd.




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