The Black Keys – “Fever”

Black_Keys_Turn_Blue_album_coverOh man, this song is so good. But, I’m not surprised in the slightest. The Black Keys are known for producing outstanding, quality blues rock music and for their badass attitudes while doing it. Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney work incredibly well together and may even go down as one of the most amazing music duos in history. In my eyes, they already are. They released their last album El Camino in 2011 with extremely high ratings, and have continued that streak with their latest album Turn Blue, which is due for release extremely soon. I got the chance to listen to the single from this album “Fever” and I was blown away by the way it remained simple but had a few little things that could only be associated with the Black Keys – stereophonic guitars and vocals, aggressive drumming, and the impenetrable, robust, and powerful vibe it gives off.  My favorite part of the song is around 2:48, where Dan Auerbach really lets loose. There’s a sense of purity and tenacity, and it makes you feel absolutely fantastic. I am so excited for this album. I just know it will be brilliant, just like all their other albums. “Fever” is from The Black Keys’ eighth album Turn Blue, which will be released on May 12 of this year.




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