Snakadaktal – “Hung On Tight”

1000889_653808064647818_1252571765_nSnakadaktal are a five-piece indie dream pop band from Melbourne, Australia. Their love of water and the way it connects to themselves personally and emotionally really shines through on their debut album, and was what I immediately thought of while listening to track after  amazing track. It’s as if you are listening underwater; its fluidity and flexibility create this gorgeous, almost fantastical tone to the music overall, and it is absolutely beautiful. In this song titled “Hung On Tight,” those elements come out to play, and the blend of Sean Heathcliff’s breathtaking voice and the synth, guitar, and drum-powered background sounds is nothing short of dynamic. The lyrics are also quite deep, meaningful, and poetic. The band has mentioned that the album is a sort of sustained metaphor, and about maintaining that sense of wonder without hanging on to childish ideas. I absolutely love that concept, and their music definitely reflects that mindset. Unfortunately, I am sad to say that Snakadaktal announced their disbandment just two months ago, which was upsetting to me. However, they did explain that the members wanted to explore other things, which I can totally respect. The music that they have created thus far is wonderful, and I know that each and every member will be successful elsewhere. “Hung On Tight” is from Snakadaktal’s debut album Sleep in the Water, which was released last year.




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