All We Are – “Feel Safe”

avatars-000073372902-zfovl8-t200x200All We Are is a relatively new and upcoming band from Liverpool, Britain. Their drowsy, drifting vocals and hazy, raw instrumentals help to make their music sound very at ease, confident, and relaxed. The use of classic 70’s techniques mixed with modern guitar melodies create a new sort of vibe and sounds extremely refined. They have compared themselves to the Bee Gees based on their use of these techniques, which is something I don’t exactly know if I agree with (considering I love the Bee Gees and I have strong opinions about them), but I do see where people can make that connection. No matter where their influence and inspiration comes from, I can say that I’m really liking their song titled “Feel Safe.” It’s soporific nature and impressive, focused instrumentals really make this song something else, while still remaining highly approachable. “Feel Safe” is currently All We Are’s debut single, which is available now.




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