St. Lucia – “The Way You Remember Me”

STluciaALBUM-hi-res-1024x1024Jean-Philip Grobler, better known as his stage name St. Lucia, grew up in South Africa and was interested in music throughout his childhood and obviously, well into adulthood. St. Lucia’s music is incredibly resilient and reminiscent of past and present loves and overall happiness. His music is poppy, vibrant, and energetic, meanwhile keeping a carefree, airy feeling to it. His music also has elements of Passion Pit and Phoenix as well. He also dabbles into the feelings of nostalgia, as heard in my favorite track off of his debut album (and on , “The Way You Remember Me.” There’s just something about it that sounds and feels like summer – the chime-like notes feel almost like the sunshine hitting your face, and the saxophone that’s near the bridge is perfection. “The Way You Remember Me” is from St. Lucia’s debut album When The Night, which was released in 2013. I wish this song had a music video to go along with it, but all I could find was this fan made one, which is actually pretty well made. It gives off the feeling that the song is wanting to portray – happiness with the people you care about. I would also suggest listening to “Elevate” and “Too Close.”





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