Bee Gees – “I Started A Joke” (Song of the Week 4/15/2014)

330px-BgideaTime for another blast from the past. Every single time I listen to Bee Gees, I am immediately transported back to my childhood.  I pretty much grew up on the music my dad and my older brother had (artists like The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Billy Joel, The Eagles, ABBA, and the list goes on and on). We still bond over music today, and their influence has really made an impact on me. Bee Gees were pretty high up on that list of bands that we coveted, and I would hear at least one of their songs every few weeks. Of course, there’s the infamous songs “Stayin’ Alive,” and “How Deep is Your Love,” songs that I absolutely love, but the Bee Gees song that is dear to my heart is this one, titled “I Started A Joke.” There’s just something about the brilliant, meaningful lyrics and the fact that Robin Gibb, the youngest Gibb brother, is the one that sings this. There’s a sense of innocence, and when it gets to the chorus, a sense of beauty and epiphany, as if everything was suddenly figured out and there is no need to worry. The song itself is sad, but the message it sends is one I somehow find hopeful and happy. I always love going back to the oldies because I am reminded of where it all started. Music like this was pure and raw, and was actually ultra-modern for this time period. It didn’t need all the flash that today’s musicians have. I am thankful I grew up with gems like Bee Gees. I am especially thankful that my father and brother had amazing musical taste and saw enough in me to share these wonderful songs with me when I was little, and that they listen to my musical taste and listen to the songs that I suggest now that I’m older (they love this blog and visit it often haha). Bee Gees will always, always have a special place in my heart as the band of my childhood, and that is why their song is song of the week. “I Started A Joke” is from Bee Gees’ fifth album Idea, which was released in 1968.




One thought on “Bee Gees – “I Started A Joke” (Song of the Week 4/15/2014)

  1. It’s a fascinating song, simple words but unique perspective – as you say, sad yet consoling as well. I’m counting down my Bee Gees favourites and this one will definitely feature!

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