Ok Go – “All Is Not Lost”

220px-Okgo_blue_colourOk Go are known exclusively for producing fun, upbeat, catchy songs that often include the production of an amazing music video to go along with it (just look at their infamous treadmill video for “Here It Goes Again”). Their music can be broken down and vigorously analyzed if you really want to, but for me, Ok Go are more of a band that you can listen to when you just need a meaningless smile on your face. They have fun while playing music together and creating genius videos, and their songs are the perfect background music for their childlike antics. However, I am not saying that they shouldn’t be taken seriously just because they have fun – I love Ok Go and their music has tons of memories of my younger years with my friends. In their song “All Is Not Lost,” you can clearly hear influences from their older albums, but with more of an indescribable maturity. What makes this video so amazing is that they shot it in collaboration with NPR, my favorite radio station. They shot this song hundreds of times and filmed it as NPR was moving to their new business office. It’s humorous and whimsical, and I simply adore it. Also, this video was nominated for a Webby award, so if you have the time, go vote for it and support NPR! “All Is Not Lost” is from Ok Go’s third album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, which was released in 2010.




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