Milo Greene – “Cutty Love”

220px-Milo_greene_albumThis song is so beautiful, in that sad, melancholy sort of way. It’s one of those songs that take you away from it all. I always seem to feel the wind through my hair whenever I listen to this song, and that four dimensional effect is what I love so much about music. The fact that you can be transported to an entirely new place and feel things you haven’t felt in a really long time just by putting earphones in is one of the most mind-blowing things to me. Obviously, I feel that with thousands of other songs, but I can say that this song is definitely one of them. Milo Greene’s vocalist Robbie Arnett has a lovely voice and the background music is stunning. They have explained that they strive to create cinematic music, sounds that can ultimately be played in the background of movies and television, and based on this song, I say they’ve achieved that goal. I wouldn’t exactly call them folk, and I wouldn’t exactly call them rock, but it’s definitely somewhere in the middle. “Cutty Love” is from Milo Greene’s self-titled debut album, which was released in 2012.




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