The Helio Sequence – “October”

220px-Negotiations_(The_Helio_Sequence_album)_cover_artThe Helio Sequence really deserves more recognition than they get now. Their music is always extremely heartfelt and genuine, and they never fail to make you think – really think. The Oregon based indie band is composed of duo Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikel, whose songwriting and music skills are top notch. Brandon Summers has a hazy, mellow voice that has hints of bittersweet sadness and mellifluous nostalgia, a quality I can’t seem to get enough of. “October” is one of my favorites by The Helio Sequence, but I also love “The Measure.” “October” tells the listener not to ignore the past completely, but use it to move on and become stronger than you were before. It’s uplifting yet melancholy, and overall an amazing song. “October” is from The Helio Sequence’s fifth album, Negotiations, which was released in 2012.





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