Vampire Weekend – “Ya Hey”

packshotOne of my favorites (yeah right, they’re all my favorite) from their latest album Modern Vampires of the City. Ezra Koenig will forever and ever be one of my absolute favorite performers because he is real and passionate about what he does. He and the rest of the band may seem like the type that goof off all the time and never get any work done, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. I honestly believe that their group work aesthetic and their band relationship is one for the ages. They have made three truly brilliant albums, the latest being a statement of maturity and luxury, and, like fine wine, they have only gotten more beautiful with age. They create music that is distinct from any other genre, and they do it in a way that exudes class and sophistication. So what if they sing about horchata and oxford commas and a girl named Diane Young? Vampire Weekend is the band that we all aspire to be in, simply because they persuade us in a way that appeals to our senses when we least expect it. Ya Hey is the perfect mixture of romantic-yet-not-really-romantic melodies with an eerie sounding chorus, which you know, if you have followed their stuff all the way from 2008 like I have, is classic Vampire Weekend.




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