Alex Clare – “Up All Night” (Song of the Week 4/1/2014)

220px-TheLatenessoftheHourAlex Clare is an extremely talented singer, songwriter, and musician, and his genius concoctions of folk turned electronic are beyond breathtaking. As many people already know, Alex Clare is the one behind the single “Too Close,” which exploded on the charts when it came out. However, not many people go through the effort to listen to a musicians other songs, songs that may even be (and in most cases they are) a million times better than the single that you hear on the radio. For Alex Clare, this is definitely the case. As I mentioned before, Alex Clare takes the best parts of indie folk (passionate vocals and humming guitars) with the best parts of electronica (with hints of dubstep thrown in for good measure) and the results are outstanding. In this masterpiece titled “Up All Night,” you hear civilized aggression. You hear a release of pain and a triumphant display of truth, all of which is on top of radiating, belligerent guitars. It’s a song to listen to when you’ve honestly had it up to here and you just need nothing but exceptional noise to cover it all up. It doesn’t hurt that this exceptional noise is coming from an incredibly honest, sincere, and brilliant individual, either. “Up All Night” is from Alex Clare’s debut album The Lateness Of the Hour, which was released in 2011.




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