General Ghost – “The Gospel” (Song of the Week 3/18/2014)

artworks-000043279442-9ljaxc-t500x500This is officially my 100th post on The Fox and the Sound. I just want to take a moment and thank my followers and readers thus far. This is a really exciting project for me and I’m so glad I can share this music with you! The song I have picked for this week’s song of the week is “The Gospel” by Nashville band General Ghost. General Ghost, which started in 2012, is composed of duo Kyle Rictor and Jon Howard, whose dark, yet soothing music is brilliant and wonderful. Their sound can be described as mellow, mystical tones, with thoughtful lyrics and pulsating beats. They have released three EPs: If, Then, Give Me to the Waves, and the most recent Drifter Painter Drinker Sinner. The first two are the ones I am most familiar with, and they are definitely up there in terms of favorites. The If, Then EP was dark, nostalgic, almost as if it were a recollection of things long lost. “You’ll Never Know” is my favorite from that particular EP because it makes me think of certain people. However, the song of the week “The Gospel” is from General Ghost’s second EP Give Me to the Waves, an EP that was more thought provoking and introspective. “The Gospel” is probably one of the songs that I could definitely put on a CD that highlights the best parts of my friendship with a few certain people, and I have such good memories from it, as I’m sure they do as well. The chorus is incredibly beautiful, and I just love it so much. Please check out General Ghost when you get the chance. They are amazing and deserve so much more attention.




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